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Real travelers = Real influencers stands for traveling in freedom, enjoying your own-build-trip and discovering a new destination on your own, without traveling with a travel organisation. was founded in 2016 by Evy and has since grown into a large travel blog packed with itineraries and tips written by multiple travel enthusiasts.

Our goal is to help the independent adventurer plan his or her next trip. We provide inspiration, but above all information. For example, we share very practical tips on transportation, hotels, sightseeing, fun activities and more. Would you like to collaborate with honest travel bloggers and a professional travel blog? Then read on or contact

Who are we?

When you think of influencers you might immediately think of social media. With beautiful pictures, flouncy dresses and the perfect setting. That’s not how we roll. The bloggers of are real travelers. We share our adventures in an honest and practical way, like a traveler would experience it himself.

Our strength lies in writing valuable content that will bring your destination or company to the attention of the target audience for a long time. This is because our articles are read over and over again, year in year out. Of course we also do our best to capture the destinations or place beautifully on photo, but we do not want to give unrealistic images.

Our readers and followers is still growing every day, both on our socials and our website. Our readers often plan their trips independently, or are looking for tips to get the most out of their vacation, city trip or journey.

Every month we have more than 65,000 unique visitors from the Netherlands and Belgium. Email us for current statistics and media kit.

  • 60% is female
  • 45% is between 25 and 44 years old
  • 40% are older than 45
reisblogger evy van kan

Evy van Kan

In India heb ik de eerste keer de ultieme vrijheid van backpacken mogen ervaren! Sindsdien wil ik niet meer anders. Voor elke reis kies ik mijn eigen bestemmingen, route en hotels. Deze tips deel ik graag met jou, hier op Have fun!

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This is how we bring your company or destination to the attention!

Do you want your region, city, company, product or service to reach travelers? Then we’d like to work with you to bring your destination or business to the attention in a relevant way.

We often work together with hotels and B&Bs, tour operators, museums, travel organizations, car rentals, restaurants, travel product companies and other service providers.

Various collaboration possibilities

Working together with is possible in many different ways. Be sure to contact us to discuss the possibilities. Here are some examples (Blogs are in Dutch, but here is an summarized idea)!

Destination or city marketing #presstrips

We plan the coolest roadtrips and itineraries and write them out in detail for all future travelers, who will certainly visit after reading our articles. Or we make a nice day-to-day plan to see all the highlights of a city! #Presstrips we like to go on.

Your accommodation in the spotlight!

A nice accommodation is so important during a vacation or trip! We know that all too well. We work a lot with hotels, hostels and other accommodations! We love to come and stay with you and discover all that you have to offer.

We like to work with parties that have a nice or interesting product or service related to the travel industry. Writing a new advertorial or placing a link in an existing article is possible. We do not place free links.

We get many requests for link exchange and link building, or creating an advertorial. This is only possible when the product or service in question fits well with our themes and target group. If it has no added value for travelers, then there is no good match.

& our Socials of course!

We mainly use Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook to spread our articles, but also to share great tips. On Instagram we have about +3000 followers and on Facebook +4000. On Instagram, we like to get going with fun stories in our own house style. We also post new photos on our feed daily.

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samenwerking reisbloggers

For stories (and reels) on Instagram, we created our own template in the same recognizable style as our website. Above you see a few examples, but our set consists of at least 10 different templates and are enthusiastically received by our followers. Of course we provide a nice and logical set of stories.


and topics

Our group of bloggers is diverse and so are our travel experiences and interests. As a result, we write about very various topics: from wintersports to watersports, from traveling with kids to solo backpacking trips and from adventurous hikes to a luxury beach destination.

Surfvakantie Portugal

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